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From May 1-June 15, 2024, APPA is running a New Member and Membership Renewal Drive to ensure the stability of the organization, and that we can support ourselves operationally as a primarily member-funded entity. This period of membership dues fundraising is absolutely critical to the success of the organization!

2024 Membership Benefits

Membership dues are $25 per month.


Benefits include:

  • Ongoing Education: APPA offers monthly educational webinars that are free to members with professionals from across the psychedelic sector. Coming soon in late 2024 - access to Psychedelic CEU Courses and Mentorship Cohort Programs.​

  • Discounted Malpractice and Liability Insurance for Psychedelic Practitioners: APPA has negotiated discounted rates for APPA members through our insurance partners. Full list to be published soon!

  • Current Affairs: Join us for quarterly Community Circle Discussions to discuss community issues and updates on APPA projects, and also receive monthly Newsletters to discuss current events and member organization content.

  • Community Connection: Join your peers on APPA’s Community Platform, where you can start discussion groups with fellow practitioners in a private space and talk about issues that you’re experiencing in your personal and professional practices and beyond.

  • Representation and Visibility: Members will be given opportunities to participate in the legislative process, development of Guidelines, and in organizational governance.  

  • APPA Speaker Bureau: In Fall of 2024, APPA will begin accepting applications from Members to be considered for the Speaker Bureau, which will begin as a listing on our website of qualified individuals - licensed and legacy - who can speak with highest levels of authority on psychedelic topics.

  • Organizational Guidelines: As an APPA member you are encouraged to incorporate our Professional Practice Guidelines and Practitioner Code of Conduct into your practice and websites. Beginning in the Fall of 2024, you’ll be invited to join us as we define our organization’s Best Practice Guidelines and Ethical Guidelines.

  • Brand Recognition: Sustaining members are deemed “APPA Member in Good Standing”, and receive an exclusive logo to use on their website, communications, and marketing materials. This logo will be distributed beginning in July of 2024, determined by the success of APPA's Sustaining Member Renewal Drive. 

  • APPA Member In Good Standing: To be a “Member in good standing” of APPA means that…

    • You are a financial contributor to APPA’s Sustainability Model through your membership dues.

    • You have affirmed that you are in compliance with your licensure and required educational standards. 

    • You have made a statement of agreement via your membership application with APPA’s Practitioner Community Code of Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines.

    • You recognize the value of resources available from APPA to your psychedelic practice.

The American Psychedelic Practitioners Association (APPA) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that provides a professional society and association for psychedelic practitioners, education, and guidelines. Financial contributions and membership dues are tax deductible.




At APPA, we consider you a Practitioner if you are:

  • A current psychedelic practitioner with training in psychedelics and working with clients; OR

  • A medical practitioner supporting those working directly with patients; OR

  • A psychedelic researcher or working in psychedelic research; OR 

  • A graduate student aspiring to practice or research psychedelic therapies; OR

  • A retired practitioner

Don't see yourself on this list? Email us to find out how you can get involved at

Example backgrounds might include:

  • Researcher/Practitioner

  • Alternative Medicine Practitioner

  • Behavioral Health Practitioner (e.g., social worker, marriage and family therapist, counselor, therapist, psychologist)

  • Nontraditional Health Professional

  • Medical Professional (e.g., Doctor, Nurse, NP, PA)

  • Ceremonial Use Practitioner

  • Legalized Use Practitioner

  • Lineage Carrier (trained in lineages and methodologies that are not currently recognized or legally sanctioned)

  • Undergraduate or Graduate Student (Non-behavioral health)

  • Undergraduate or Graduate Student (Behavioral health)

  • Graduate Student (psychedelic-related)

  • Retired Practitioner

The American Psychedelic Practitioners Association (APPA) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that provides a professional society and association for psychedelic practitioners, education, and guidelines. Financial contributions and membership dues are tax deductible.

Why Join APPA?

APPA is the professional association for all psychedelic practitioners, and we support our members through the delivery of professional guidelines, services, and educational opportunities to aid in your professional growth and development. We offer a broad array of valuable member benefits, and we are always looking for ways to improve the member experience.

We support both the certification of licensed medical practitioners and the credentialing of legacy practitioners and lineage holders, and work collaboratively in the field on your behalf to help keep these goals centered in the heart of the Psychedelic Infrastructure Movement.

Guided by a diverse group of practitioners, Elders, lawyers, educators and more, we have founded a community to share knowledge, teach, and learn from each other, and ensure transparency and accountability as Psychedelic-Assisted Care becomes mainstream to the American public.


APPA Membership

Summary of Member Benefits

What Does APPA Do with Member Dues?

Membership dues is an essential pillar of our Sustainability Plan, and supports APPA’s educational programs, membership benefits, representative actions, operations, and project goals. Your monthly contribution to this total is absolutely critical, and we thank you for this commitment to the community.


We are currently 1025 members strong, and standing together allows us to use our voice to speak loudly in the halls of power as well as learn and grow together as a big-tent organization. We need to continue building our voice as new rules and regulations become laws so that we can impact the changes we feel are most important to the integrity of Psychedelic-Assisted Care. Your contribution matters.


Our Phase 1 monthly Member Sustainability Goal is 550-600 members, totaling approximately $15,000 per month. Join us, or renew your membership today!

Upcoming Projects

What are APPA's Upcoming Projects: 

  • Board Nominations & Appointments and Member Seat Elections - July 2024*

  • Member Directory on APPA Website - July 2024*

  • Ethical Guidelines - Finalization and Adoption - August 2024*

  • Best Practice Guidelines - Develop and collaborate with our community - Beginning August 2024*

  • APPA Speaker Bureau - Web Development, Applications and Vetting Process - October 2024*


Building Ethical Guidelines and Best Practice Guidelines that represent the confluence of APPA’s broad base of practitioners. Working with thought partners and leaders in training, ethics, and psychedelic practice from across the field, we are creating the format for inclusive contributions and feedback from the entire APPA community through focus groups of every population, survey feedback, and member voting practices to adopt the completed projects.

Our Phase 2 fundraising goals of $100,000 include these projects, and more. Can you help us reach our financial goals for these projects? Donate today!

*These initiatives are dependent upon the Member Sustainability Goals being reached through ongoing monthly membership commitments.

Who Can Join?



I do not wish to renew as a Sustaining Member. How does the work and what happens?

  • If APPA is able to achieve our minimum sustaining financial goals, your introductory membership benefits (access to the Member Community, newsletters, and invitations to educational webinars) can remain intact until your introductory year is complete. Please contact to us at to let us know you will not be renewing, or you can also cancel your membership completely if that is your preference.


How do I cancel my membership?

  • If you no longer wish to be a part of the APPA Community, please email us at and we will adjust your account status immediately.

  • You can choose to continue to receive newsletters, or to opt out completely.


What happens if the Sustaining Membership Drive is not successful enough to support APPA’s basic operational needs?

  • Should this unfortunate situation arise, the APPA Team will be contact all Introductory Members, Prospects, and Sustaining Members via email and Community Circle to explain next steps for the organization.

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