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Standards and Guidelines

APPA Practitioner Community Code of Conduct

Professional Practice Guidelines for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Practitioners

Download the PPGs here.

APPA has co-published the first Professional Practice Guidelines for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy with BrainFutures. These guidelines are designed to address the evolving practice of psychedelic-assisted therapy, as a set of comprehensive guidelines for mental health providers practicing psychedelic-assisted therapy. The process of drafting these guidelines generated robust debate and consensus around professional standards for this treatment modality. They describe a benchmark of high-quality care as informed by existing clinical research and expert consensus in this area.

The Professional Practice Guidelines are part of a “living document” that will be updated as the field’s understanding of best practices evolves. Future versions of this document are not intended to stand alone in perpetuity, but to be incorporated into general guidance for professionals working in the mental health field.

Read the full press release here for more information. For questions about the guidelines, or to connect with our team, please contact us at

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