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American Psychedelic Practitioners Association (APPA) is both the accreditation body for the psychedelic field and the national association for practitioners. Our mission is to safely integrate psychedelics into the US healthcare system.

The American Psychedelic Practitioners Association was born out of the need for a credible, gold-standard professional association to emerge alongside a certification board. In addition to creating a national network of psychedelic practitioners, a professional association is necessary to advocate for the adoption of psychedelic treatments into the healthcare system and to ensure access for all who can safely benefit. 



Establish Standards of Care and Standards of Training and engage the healthcare system in adopting psychedelic care.


Advocate for safe, effective, and accessible care for all who can benefit.


Provide education, mentorship, and cross-pollination for this multidisciplinary community of practitioners.


Build a community founded on the mosaic of perspectives and skills from the psychedelic field.

APPA will roll out services based on the ranked priorities of our members and partners, and in coordination with FDA-approval timelines and state regulated programs.

Field Infrastructure

Professional Practice Guidelines (PPGs)

Ethical Guidelines

Core Competencies

Accreditation Program

Cultural Responsiveness Primers

Member Connectivity

APPA platform / intranet

Peer-to-peer groups

Mentorship programs


APPA Events



Local events




Additional Services

Collective bargaining


APPA's Professional Practice Guidelines (PPGs) are designed to address the evolving practice of psychedelic-assisted therapy. They are the first comprehensive field consensus-based guidelines for mental health providers practicing psychedelic-assisted therapy.


Ours is a leaderful community and there are many ways to get engaged.

Explore Working Groups, Careers, and Events.

Welcome to APPA

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Build the Future

Be among the first professionals to help shape the future of psychedelic-assisted therapy

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Receive monthly updates with news and exciting developments in the APPA community

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Make your voice heard through surveys and feedback

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Be invited to exclusive members-only events

Join our community today as a foundational member and help us shape APPA! Your first six months are free and you'll get access to our beta web portal and exclusive member communications about APPA events, news updates, and our growing community. After six months, dues will be be annualized, and offered on a sliding scale.

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To support this essential psychedelic healthcare infrastructure project, please make a contribution of any size.

The American Psychedelic Practitioners Association (APPA) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that provides a professional society and association for psychedelic practitioners, education, and guidelines.

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